Regional Integration

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Caribbean Court of Justice

Strategic Plan 2013-2017

Responsive, Innovative, Inspirational

Message from the

President of the CCJ
To the Citizens of the Caribbean Community:


sound strategic concept is the foundation of every effective organisation. This is particularly essential for an organisation as unique as the Caribbean Court of Justice. The Court’s
mandates are novel and its vision yet to be completely
achieved. The complex needs and expectations of the signatory nations must be aligned in a single structure that consistently does justice in individual cases and is seen to do so by those it serves.

On behalf of the Caribbean Court of Justice, we are pleased to present “Responsive, Innovative, Inspirational: The Caribbean Court of Justice Strategic Plan, 2013-2017”. This Plan defines a strategic direction for the Court over the next five years. It will guide court decision making over that time to ensure that our resources are applied in the most effective manner in achieving our Mission and Vision.

The plan identifies seven strategic issues upon which the Court will focus. These issues reflect important problems and opportunities that must be addressed if we are to successfully accomplish our mission to provide the people of the region with “accessibility, fairness, efficiency, transparency and authoritative judicial decisions” while promoting the rule of law in the Caribbean Community.


These issues are accompanied by a set of goals and strategies aimed at providing targeted guidance to court staff and
performance information to court stakeholders. In addition, the plan identifies a set of priority actions that are both urgent and important, some of which are already being addressed.
While the plan was developed to include new strategic
initiatives, many of the goals and actions included in the plan have been underway for some time. This plan will facilitate our efforts to coordinate and enhance ongoing initiatives as well as to undertake new ones. It will assist us in achieving the

alignment of all court resources, processes and practices with our strategic priorities.
Under the direction of the President and Court Executive
Administrator (CEA), the Strategic Planning Leadership Team
developed the Plan based on feedback received from a
comprehensive set of region-wide surveys, focus groups,
workshops, interviews and data sources. Now that the plan is complete, the SPLT will coordinate, monitor and ensure its
effective implementation. Division-specific operational plans or MAPs (management action plans) will be developed to ensure
the achievement of the court-wide goals.
The Caribbean Court of Justice Strategic Plan is the result of eight months of hard work by the Court’s Strategic Planning Leadership Team (SPLT). The SPLT is a group of CCJ judges and executive staff chaired by the Hon Mr Justice Adrian Saunders.

Its members include the President Rt Hon Sir Dennis Byron, Hon Mr Justice Jacob Wit, CEA Master Christie-Anne Morris-Alleyne, Deputy CEA Mrs Wendy Lewis-Callender, Registrar Ms Paula
Pierre, Court Financial Comptroller Mr Larry Ramoutar, and
Strategic Planning Coordinator Ms Seanna Anisette. We are
indebted to this group for their leadership and sustained effort to include as many people as possible in the Court’s strategic planning process.
The Plan reflects the results of an extensive outreach effort by the Court to gather the views, perceptions and expertise of those who are served by the CCJ. It also reflects the substantial knowledge and professional opinions of those who serve the

justice system -- our judiciary, court personnel, justice system partners and civil society. The Court received input from
numerous individuals and benefitted greatly from the rich
diversity of ideas and views expressed by our stakeholders. To all who contributed to this participatory process, I extend a
heartfelt thank you.
Finally, I wish to affirm to the citizens of the region our...
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