Regional Cooperation of Asean

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Regional Cooperation of ASEAN
To investigate the character of ASEAN regional cooperation, some questions, as asked in the case of the EU, would also be asked in the case of ASEAN. Whether regional integration is consciouslycreated and driven by deliberate political sanction, or whether regional integration arises out of world economies and private market actors. These questions aim to analyze the relationship between formal and informal organization, and between regionalism and regionalization in the case of ASEAN. For ASEAN, the integration and homogeneity effects are both statistically significant, but lack the same degree of simultaneous occurrence as discussed in the case of the EU. Although ASEAN began in 1967 with the signing of the ASEAN Declaration, it was not until 1976 that the members decided to create a uniquely ASEAN institution. 42

Since the founding of ASEAN, its governing bodies were slow in extending their scope of cooperation, and never imposed a clear functional mechanism for its institution like those of the EU. Significantly different from the Copenhagen Criteria, the ASEAN Declaration and other agreements and treaties are freely open to all states in the Southeast Asia region. 43

And even if the ASEAN Charter aims at making ASEAN to be a more legally-based regional organization, 44
The implicit nature of relations among the member nation-states is still enveloped by the principles of the ASEAN Way. According to Amitav Acharya, the informal and non-legalistic procedures are preferred by proponents of the ASEAN Way because they create a non-threatening atmosphere for exploring ways of problem-solving. 45

In a general sense, the ASEAN way is a method of interactionand a decision-making process which seek to reach corporate decisions through consultation andconsensus building. More importantly, when common decision cannot be reached, they agree to gotheir separate ways. As ASEAN evolved, the organization developed formula that allowed it...
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