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The History of Reggae music Thesis: The influence of Jamaican music and dance throughout widespread & spanning genres Introduction: "Don’t forget your history nor your destiny." A. Religion greatly influenced the development of Jamaican music and dance. I. Rastafarianism introduced Reggae, ska, and eventually dancehall to the community, the style of music created a new way to dance, due to its unique rhythmic components. II. Dance was used in Christian ceremonies, as folk rhythms and movement, otherwise known as the Creole style. These were a combination of European and African influenced styles, which is still seen today in revival churches.

III. Tradition of African derived dances is upheld in the Maroon community, as an important part of their religious ceremonies. The dance brings the dancers into a spiritual realm. B. Widespread poverty in Jamaica influenced its music and dance styles. I. “Lawns” catering to the poor population of Jamaica were responsible for the spread of reggae, ska, dancehall and the related dances because of widespread poverty, there were no recording studios, so Jamaican artists traveled to the states, where they became influenced by jazz, and the dance styles that went along with it. II. Jazz and R&B brought in from the states, no longer satisfied the people, so finally a recording studio was built, and an artist named prince buster started ska, from blending traditional mento music (early reggae) and imported R&B. This new, uniquely Jamaican sound appealed to the huge working class, as it essentially came out of the Kingston Ghetto. Dancehall is built on this, and from dancehall modern styles of dance such as whine up. Conclusion: Despite the difficulties faced by modern day recording artists, the Jamaican style of music and dance remains hugely popular. One only has to look at an artist such as Bob Marley to see the huge and continued influence Jamaica’s

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