Regal Cinemas FAR Report

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Regal Entertainment Group and the Current Struggles of the Industry

Let’s Get Customers Back in the Seats

Prepared For: Amy Miles, CEO
Regal Entertainment Group

Prepared By: Austin Pereira, Student
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

Submitted On: December 10, 2012

To: Amy Miles, CEO
From: Austin Pereira
Date: December 10, 2012
Subject: Let’s Get Customers Back in the Seats

Dear Ms. Miles

I am submitting this financial analytical report that you requested on October 25, 2012 in regards to the current issues that are causing the recent decline in attendance as well as the current value of the company. In this report you will find detailed information about the trends that are plaguing the company as well as solutions to the current issues.

Currently the company is struggling to provide an enjoyable experience to the customers who are already being driven away by the high prices to attend a movie. Negative customer reviews are detrimental to the businesses success and must be addressed immediately. Along with often times awful customer service, high prices are a major concern for customers. With the current state of the economy customers are less likely to come to a show due to the fact that the prices continue to increase annually. According to the New York Times the average price of a ticket has increased every year for the past 17 years (Cieply, Michael). This is contradictory to the report from the LA Times that stated that the movie theater industry in 2011 drew its smallest attendance rate in the previous 16 years (Kaufman, Amy). Regal Cinemas is the largest chain of movie theaters in the United States and with a few adjustments can become the most desirable of all movie theaters.

If the company implements stricter customer service policies it will eliminate a majority of the issues that are driving customers to go on the Internet and write a negative review after attending a movie at their local Regal Cinemas location. When a customer posts a negative review on the Internet it is available for anybody to see. The extent of these reviews are often horrid enough to drive customers away permanently. Direct quotations from these reviews will be available in this report. The solutions necessary to return Regal Cinemas to its prominent status as the most enjoyable branch of movie theaters are rather simple. Lets improve customer service and lower prices. This will create a higher customer demand and will separate Regal Cinemas from its competition.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary Pg. 4 Mission Statement Pg. 4 Company Issues Pg. 4 Solutions Pg. 4-5 Conclusion Pg. 5 Introduction Pg. 6 Company History Pg. 6 An Industry in Distress Pg. 6-7 A Merger is Formed Pg. 7 Merger Brings Success Pg. 7-8 A New CEO is Appointed Pg. 8 Company Issues Pg. 8 Customer Service Pg. 8-9 Regal Cinemas Reviews Pg. 9-10 High Prices Lead to Lower Attendance Rates Pg. 10 Cheaper...

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