Refugees: Refugee and Asylum Seekers

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Refugees, Asylum Seekers & Detention Centres

1.Do you think Australia is a ‘just’ society? Why/Why not?

Australia is a just society in a way. As Australia does let in refugees into the country but not let in asylum seekers even though they have rights.

2.Define the terms: Refugees, Asylum Seekers & Detention Centres.

Asylum Seekers: An asylum seeker has unauthorized entry.
Refugees: Someone who is entitled to enter a country, they have documents. Detention Centers: Where refugees are held, until they are authorized.

3.Which agreements did Australia sign with the UN concerning Refugees and Asylum Seekers?

Australia signed the UNHCR agreement

4.How many refugees does Australia take in each year?

130, 750

5.What rights do asylum seekers and refugees have under UN law? Refugees have the exact same rights as citizens but they cannot vote.

6.Why does Australia have detention centers of asylum seekers?

It is a first place of refuge for asylum seekers and a place they can stay until visa is accepted

7. Where are the Detention Centres in NSW?

Villawood Detention Centre

8. Who is sent to detention centres?

Unauthorised refugees i.e. asylum seekers

9. Whys is it a concern that children are being kept in detention centres?

Because they are growing up like that knowing no different

10. Do you think Australia is keeping its promise to the UN declarations it signed concerning refugees and asylum seekers? Why/Why not?

Yes and no accepting only refugees and only some asylum seekers don’t count.
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