Refugees Coming to Australia

Topics: Australia, Crime, Refugee Pages: 4 (1532 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Refugees are people who fled from their homes in the face of persecution, or threats to their lives. But there is no reason why the Australian government should be obliged to welcome asylum seekers who use illegal methods to come here. We have the responsibility to protect our borders and way of life against what could amount to a huge arrival of immigrants whose backgrounds and possible criminal status are unknown. Australia shouldn’t accept the refugees as they are over populating the country and if we do more and more will come. People believe that asylum seekers deserve a fair go just like everyone else, but why should they if they are receiving everything off tax payers money.

With the ever increasing number of refugees entering our country, many Australians are struggling to sustain what they once had. Many Australians were already struggling before the arrival of the refugees, and are only suffering more. Most Australians don’t earn or own substantial amounts of money and with the arrival of the asylum seekers it just puts more strain on them. Many people are now loosing their jobs and houses as they can no longer pay their mortgages, bills and purchase everyday needs as the government believes it is better to support the arrival of asylum seekers. Many Australians are in need of public housing and extra cash and the government seems to be failing its own people and giving it all away to the asylum seekers awaiting processing. The asylum seekers are given free clothing, housing, money, discounts, schooling, medical attention and seem to be getting a better life. In the detention centers and housing that they are handed, the facilities are much better then what the every day person has. These well equipped detention centers and housing meets the needs of all ages, the people are well fed and have comfortable shelter and security in contrast to the conditions they endured on their boats. They are lucky to be handed all these free items and necessities and...
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