Refugees and Asylum seekers

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Refugees and asylum seeker is a research report by Peter Aspinall and Charles Watters of the University of Kent. The Equality and Human rights Commission have published this report in 2010 as a contribution to discussion and debate. The report is based on true events therefore the main theme is to find out the problems regarding the status, identity, education, employment of refugees and asylum seekers. Review

Refugees and asylum seekers are a varied group however, they have one thing mutual. They are forced to flee from their home countries as a consequence of persecution and thus are subject to migration. Refugees and asylum seekers are subject to a series of distinct problems and inequalities on grounds of their immigration as well as they have a range of intersectional identities and can be subject to immigration on account of any of the seven equality areas or socio-economic factors. This report aspires to lay evidence within its legislative context yet avoiding going into the case law details. The report is based on qualitative and more localized studies to examine the situation of these groups in UK, keeping in view various aspects, such as health, education, employment, and so forth. Some imperial distinctions amongst the two groups have been highlighted in this review, with respect to their legal rights. The term Asylum Seekers is “usually reserved for those who have applied for asylum and are awaiting a decision on their applications and those whose applications have been refused”. Whereas, the term ‘Refugee’ is usually applied on those “who having applied for asylum have been recognized refugee status. In addition, it usually encompasses those who have received ‘exceptional leave to remain’ or ‘indefinite leave to remain’ (now included in the term humanitarian protection). Population and policy of the asylum seekers and refugees: In 2008, amongst the top five applicant nationalities included Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Iran, Iraq and Sri Lanka, however, how many immigrants actually did enter the UK is very difficult to estimate as what proportion of the migrant population in the 16 ethnic categories mentioned in the report came into the UK as asylum seekers and what proportion are currently refugees. The government has consistently sought to integrate the measures taken towards asylum seekers and refugees within border policy of migration and at the same time there has been considerable merging of different types of migrants within public perceptions. All this is because migration has been high on the agenda of public and governmental concerns over the last two decades. However, the culture of mistrust and association of criminality and evasiveness of the asylum seekers has hindered the efforts of those who are genuinely trying to achieve immigration in order to avoid persecution. Furthermore, the overabundance of new laws and policies in the UK portray an ever increasing uncertainty as to how address migration in general and refugees in particular. The increased security measures at the UK borders can have the effect of denying the internationally agreed rights of the people seeking asylum. Even though UK’s policies towards children and young people are considered to be comparatively favorable, the protection of these trafficked children, their age determination processes and their detention still remains a serious concern. However, a new development in the form of The New Asylum Model has been noticed to extend some positive features particularly the “introduction of a single case owner for each claim”. Nonetheless, some of the concerns regarding this model include the speed at which it was developed and introduced and whether or not the UKBA staff had ample time to be trained for it. The tight time-scales sometimes do not give sufficient time to the claimants to access legal representations...
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