Refugee Life

Topics: Meaning of life, Life, Death Pages: 3 (569 words) Published: September 29, 2010
Rizal 2
members and some have been arrested or kidnapped. With full of pain and sorrow and with the hope to

return we crossed the border. As soon as we crossed the border we encountered robbers. We made some

ways to run off from them . We left our home moved towards the darkness, betting good bys to all of

belongings and relatives who were in the country either imprisoned or rapped to death. We had few of

our luggage with us and no food or cash to by food for the next day.
After a day drive we reached to a river bank , which was like a desert ,full of sand ,sick

people ,very hot , bad testing water. We stated in a Mandhir plaza for two nights we were bitten by

mosquito severely and most of us got sick. No food to eat , Urine smelling water . My parents found a

cottage with plastic roof and stayed there. Few days later storm came and blew the plastic roof . We

were all wet in the bed of sent. House got flooded. My parents were helpless to us.

Days started passing counting dead bodies passing by the street. Few days later I went to school but

had no slippers or shoes. Had no dress to wear. My books were wet while in the school. My school

had no fence and no roof. Just send on the river bank. We used to be prepared to run away while there

was rain fall. But unfortunately there used to hardly dry place at home to take rest. “i had roof of sky

and the bed of sand”. If life is to enjoy, is this is not the way we should.

Is there god to help in times of need? My life is not live but survive. Am still living and wanna

forget my past, be happy with my present. While I was in the 18th years of my life in exile, I was to take

care of my old parents and come to USA at no choice. I expected some kind of freedom in my life in

here. But the meaning of USA come up to “You Start Again”, all my straggle in the exile became

worthless. Had I been in the country I would have finished my Mastered...
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