Refugee Letter

Topics: Refugee, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: May 6, 2013
1796 Masaki Chole Road
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
December 4, 2009

President Jakaya Mlisho Kikwete
Old Bagamoyo Road
P.O box 686
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Dear Jakaya Mlisho Kikwete:

My name is Arjun Rajesh Davda; I am a student at the international school of Tanzania. I am writing you this letter to express my deep concern and dismay regarding the topic refugees in Tanzania. More than 35.000 refugees come from Burundi every year living in the town Mtabila, where there is an established refugee camp, some of these refugees are scared to go back to Burundi where they fear they will be prosecuted, hence they are unable to return.

Repatriation to be honest is not voluntary in common cases. In 1951 there was a convention relating to specific aspects of refugee problems in Africa, in this Tanzania has ratified. I request you to ensure that the refugees who are unable to return back home to Burundi due to fear of prosecution are able to regain their refugee status and enjoy the rights they deserve, including freedom of movement and the right to earn a living in Tanzania. Your government and UNHCR continue to tell refugees in Mtabila camp that they must repatriate as soon as possible. An official of the Tanzanian has threatened the refugees that forced repatriation will surely take place if they don’t do it willingly, but if they don’t there are no options. I am pretty sure you are aware that every human being in this world has a right to live wherever they want, they aren’t doing any harm, they are just trying to earn a living for themselves and their family. In addition the Tanzanian government are creating camp conditions, they are trying to persuade the refugees that repatriation is not entirely voluntary which I feel is truly a wrong statement, anyone can choose where to live as long as they have the legal right.

I request you to end this problem as soon as possible, and prevent the forced repatriation of thousands of Burundian refugees in Mtabila....
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