Topics: Protestant Reformation, Catholic Church, Christianity Pages: 4 (1436 words) Published: September 29, 2014
As a results of accumulated corruption within the Christian church, a big variety of clergymen within the sixteenth century tried to rework Christianity back to its previous Biblical basis and ease. Initially, clergymen channeled a lot of of their efforts in reforming the church, however they found that it absolutely was terribly difficult, and also the solely viable resolution was to separate fully from the Christian church. there have been four movements as a results of the reformation events. They embody the Anglicans, Lutherans, Reformed Tradition (Calvin), and also the Anabaptists. Key figures within the Protestants or protesters enclosed historian, Calvin, Zwingli, and theologian|theologian|theologist|theologizer|theologiser}. additional belief distinctions became obvious, and also the antecedently integrated Christianity split into varied war-ridden teams. Between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, thousands of people were dead as a results of Christianity. within the current world, Protestants and Catholics within the spirit of religious doctrine regard themselves as “brothers in Christ”. theologian was to blame of Lutheranism and Anglicanism, Ulrich Zwingli for Reformed Churches, and Anabaptist and Calvin stony-broke with the beliefs of the Lutherans. The distinguished figures within the reformed movement ar mentioned in details during this paper.

Martin Luther (1843-1546)

Martin Luther, a German reformer, is that the founding father of the Protestant denomination. he\'s extremely celebrated among the reformers as a result of he\'s recognized for triggering the Reformation that occurred once he conferred his common “95 Theses”. The theses objected the indulgence belief of the Christian church in Wittenberg, Germany. Being a scholar and a Roman Catholic Priest, theologian addressed the abuses occurring in his own Church, and critically analyzed a number of the Church’s teachings. when commercial enterprise his “95 Theses”, the Church...
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