Reform Movements

Topics: United States, Women's suffrage, Equals sign Pages: 3 (1584 words) Published: December 7, 2014
Reform Movements
The time for change is happening in America. People are realizing the problems arising in America, and are fighting to change it. There were many reform movements in this time, such as the religion, slavery, women, and with the poor/immigrants. The reforms during this time were influential to expand the democratic ideals in America; from the major changes in how society functioned to the way society should be, all expanded the equality in this nation.

Major changes in the way the United States functioned changed the way democratic ideals influenced people. During the early to mid 1800s in New York with a juvenile hall, the central power in the juvenile section of the law, changed the way that the juvenile hall is ran, especially considering that their goal was to change them. They bestowed knowledge, religious, and moral instruction, giving them a chance to become valuable members of society. They wanted to essentially rescue them and take them away from their young life of crime, and change their country for the better starting from the young part of the country. (Doc A) The audience for this report was to the higher ups such as congress or the president, as well as for the people who wanted to know about their system. The reason why it was written for them was to show how effective their system was, and how it was going to create a better society. This might affect the reliability due to over exaggeration or from a viewpoint of looking better by making things false. This is important because with the change of the system, and how it will affect the youth, this will make them productive members of society, and by doing that they did not banish people, and therefore made equality for not being productive members of society. Women were considered less then during this time, as well as slaves during this time, another similar trait between them were their rights as a slave or a women. The picture/document depicts the fight to...
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