Reform Movements

Topics: Women's suffrage, Human rights, Democracy Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: January 27, 2007
Throughout American history, there have been many periods of time where reform movements have sought to expand democracy. One of these periods is the era of 1825-1850. There were many events occurring during this time that pushed democracy further. The desire to make America a civilized, almost utopian society and religious revivals occasionally adequately expanded democratic ideals, while movements for equal rights among women and slaves tried to put true democratic ideas on the table. Reform movements in the period of 1825-1850 did much to expand democratic ideals to all white males, but its effect on others was limited.

In the duration of time between the years 1825-1850, many reform movements were occurring as American citizens fought for the reformation of many laws and institutions. There was the temperance movement, aimed toward lessening alcohol consumption, and in extreme cases, the complete abolishment of it, and the women's rights movement that struggled with the task of equality for women in society and politics. Prison and church reform were also popular causes as people observed the injustices in prisons and viewed certain churches with disdain while American's sought a different salvation and turned to revivals and camp meetings. There were also the abolitionists and the utopians. The abolitionists found slavery to be inhumane and fought to rid America, especially the south, of human bondage forever. The utopians were people unsatisfied with America's normal society and as a result created their own societies where their ideals could be lived and taught. In all of the reforms of 1825-1850, America's democratic ideals were reinforced and spread as people became involved in different causes a

Religion became more liberal, as religious reforms transformed the place of religion in American life and sent believers out to perfect the world. The Second Great Awakening sparked innovative reform movements that expanded democratic ideals socially and...
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