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Topics: The Wall, Brush, Paint Pages: 2 (717 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Nickolas Maples
Senior Project

The old salmon hatchery shed outside of the chimacum school was a project I was working on for my senior project to revive it and extend its life time for years to come so that kit the owner and user of the facility could enjoy its Presence for a little longer and hopefully get it up and running again in the near Future to give the younger grades that kit teaches yet another activity to dwell in.

I did this by painting the old blue shed white the paint was generously supplied by marci van cleve, an amazing teacher from chimacums Pi Program. Many of the supplies and tools needed were sought out by marci given to her for me to use by the janitorial staff, I was given an electric drill and a door made by the boating building class a few years back, hinges and screws among other tools such as a putty knife, shovel, screw driver, paint , paint brushes, and paint rollers, I also supplied myself with a small step and trash bags for cleanup.

On a Friday I started by attaching the door made by the pie program using new hinges and screws to suspend it off the ground with a classmate of mine Jessie we walked the tools need for scrapping paint off of the walls to the shed and began the 3 long days needed to complete the project, I was using a putty knife while Jessie was using a shovel going from left to right scrapping the old fading blue paint from the shed walls, it seemed like a long tedious process because the way the paint had cracked and then aged against the wall made it very difficult to remove in parts but we were able to get rid of it all.

Saturday I started on the painting first by prepping the paint by popping the lid and using a stir stick to mix the paint. Used an old paint trey and the roller brush marci had given me to begin, as I was applying the paint to the wall it began to look many times more modern and un ancient I started by painting from the bottom of the...
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