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By Mahfuz-Khan Jan 25, 2015 432 Words
Md. Raquibuzzaman Khan, ID- 3505112

One of the most important learning that I have learnt from International Academic Program (IAP) class of RMIT University is techniques to write a reflective writing. I completed my graduation in Agriculture and post-graduation in Agroforestry. From those studies I have come to know about how to write a scientific paper or articles. But reflective writing procedure was totally unknown to me. Ms Dellar and Ms Cheers, two instructors of IAP were really expert on that issue to teach us. As a IAP schedule they taught us how to write a reflective writing. This learning will be phenomenal for me to have other writing in IAP program and also for my professional writings. It should be noted that in my profession I used to writing different types of writings like it. But I never thought that it will have a proper guideline to reflect the matter in writing. Moreover, I learned that how a structured writing helps to express the idea properly. Now I have come to know about the meaning of DIEP or TEEL style to write a reflective writing. I do agree that it has opened a new era in my writing and thinking also. The techniques for reflective writing teach us on effective writing within very short time. For example- in case of reflective without thinking of a structured format one may slip few points. In addition to that I someone use this format in writing I will make him more quick in his/her writings. Furthermore, it helps to make someone more confident. Farrah (2012) is agreed on this point of view. She says that the writing helps a person to be motivated and more confident. Such types of writing help a person to become better writers and thinkers. The same thing is suggested by Putnam (2000).

Furthermore, I think this learning will help me through out my post-graduation program at RMIT University to write any kind of writings in a structured format along with the other methods of writings. In addition to that in my carrier I will be able to apply it to have an effective communication with my officials and clients.

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