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Topics: Medicine, Health care, Health economics Pages: 3 (914 words) Published: September 2, 2011
The development of globalization has wide-ranging impacts on medical tourism. According to Cockerham & Cockerham (2010) “globalization has fostered a rise in medical tourism, which refers to patients in one part of the world travelling to another part in order to obtain medical treatment”. (p29) The world has become a global market place and people are now able to use modern technology to seek alternative affordable and high quality health treatment elsewhere in the world. A friend of my father in Australia has suffered knee pain for years and the pain was getting worse. He did a lot of research on the internet and eventually had the knee surgery done in India. He recovered very well and said it was a big but right decision he has made in life. At that time, I just couldn’t understand and asked myself, “Why this man had to fly all the way to India rather than having the surgery done in Australia, which is his home county and more developed than India”. I concluded that it must have been a decision this man has made and this is his choice. By now, I am studying Bachelor of Nursing and realised my previous understanding was very individualized. Individual’s behaviour is influenced by the social environment. In that man’s case, he was a working class people at his early 50’s and had no private health insurance. He would have to wait for long time to get the surgery done under Medicare or had to pay expensive cost to jump in the queue and have it done privately. This would have driven him to seek other options. Thanks to the advanced technology, he did a lot of the research on the internet and found the alternative in India. Thinking of my own experience, I have moved to Australia five years ago and personally found seeing doctors and having treatment sometimes are very frustrating experience. In order to have some procedure done, I firstly need to go through GP to receive a reference letter. I then need to book appointment with the specialist. It wouldn’t take...
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