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Topics: Sustainability, Ecological economics, Sustainable development Pages: 4 (1095 words) Published: June 11, 2014
My thoughts and reflections were summarised over the four weeks and captured in the ensuing journal.

I hadn’t considered the inter-plays that exist between the social, environmental and economic aspects of sustainability, I subscribe to the three pillars of sustainability (figure 1), that is each has an impact but they are independent of each other.

Figure 1: Three pillars of sustainability

Source: Wallis, A. M., Graymore, M. L. M., & Richards, A. J. (2011) p.596.

Class discussions and research enabled me to see the interactions between these pillars and I started to contemplate sustainability more as an interactive process aligned with the three spheres of sustainability (figure 2) which I interpret as being of equal importance and that is you connect them all you will achieve sustainability.

Figure 2: Three spheres of sustainability

Source: Wallis, A. M., Graymore, M. L. M., & Richards, A. J. (2011) p.596.

My ecological footprint gave me personal insights into my impact on the environment. I reflected on what I could do to reduce my footprint; an all-electric house, job with extensive car travel and I am a meat eater. What future was I leaving my children and what could I change? I could reduce my consumption of red meat, saving a planet, however the economic and social impact on our farmers for me outweighs the impact on the planet after all that is their livelihood. I can reduce my energy usage by turning appliances off at home and work and I can use technology for meetings to reduce my travel imprint.

I watched a number of documentaries on natural disasters and asked myself why we have done nothing to prevent these and what have we learnt. I reflected on the impact of the recent drought throughout Victoria. Ballarat almost ran out of potable water, our lake ran dry and tourism was in decline. This environmental event was impacting on our economy and the social impact was and is still...

Bibliography: Wallis, A. M., Graymore, M. L. M., & Richards, A. J. (2011) Significance of environment in the assessment of sustainable development: The case for south west victoria. Ecological Economics, 70(4), 595-605.
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