Reflective Writing

Topics: Writing, Educational psychology, Tutorial Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: August 20, 2010
I had a formative note-taking exam on Monday morning. I was a little bit late. I tried very hard to be on time, however, I failed. I arrived at lecture room 9.02am. The instruction explaining was over. At the time I was lead by my lecturer, Mareen to a certain seat with exam paper. There were lots of colleagues; everyone seemed really confident and sure what to do on the test. For the first five minutes I had no idea what do on my exam and just sat with brain blank. Then, I found there was a flowchart about timetable and what we should do. After read through that, I checked my watch and realized I was ten minutes behind. I had only five minutes left for my reading note-taking. So I started capturing important sentences, in fact, I still felt clueless and just wrote anything seemed likely to be answers. Look back, I think if I arrive earlier, I can feel calm for the exam. I suppose this exam tend to help us to know what are the important information we have to focus on from the lecture. No matter in communication subjects but also our major subjects.

Before the exam I had read the criteria sheet and also searched: What is note- taking about? I spent a couple minutes quick read the criteria sheet and to be frank I did not find out any useful information from neither internet nor criteria sheet. After step back, I think I did not read through the criteria sheet clearly. It actually contains plenty of beneficial information which connected with exam. I decided next time when I read the criteria sheet I need also think about the relevant of exam. Not only just skim it.

In the tutorial section, my tutor, Josie gave up the correct answer to check with our own work. While I assessed my own answer, I got failure result of reading but got pretty good mark from listening. After analyze when I was on reading exam. I found difficult to concentrate. On the other hand, I knew that listening only played once so I prepared myself to be focus. And while Mareen spoke, she...
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