Reflective Report

Topics: Electrical engineering, Electronic engineering, Experiment Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Reflective Report
I major in electrical and electronic engineering. In this semester, there are altogether 4 technical courses which are all significant to my future study. Most students of my major, including me, usually spend a lot of time to study technical courses and do their homework. As a result, the specific time for English study is insufficient compared with last year. However, from this semester beginning, the all of curriculum are taught in English, as well as teaching materials and homework. So I believe that I learn English at all times as long as I study in Xi’an Jiao Tong Liverpool University. In this essay I will mainly discuss about how English study relates to electrical experiment. Description

I already did 6 experiments. I am going to take the applications of diodes for example, which is the most impressive one I have done. Diode has a few unique properties that can be used to realize some useful functions. This experiment was divided into many different parts according to the different applications of diodes. In each part I and my partner assembled the circuit and then observed the outcome from oscilloscope to terrify the property of diode. We recorded the results and finally wrote a report in English. Feeling

From the electrical engineering’s point of view, in this experiment I confirmed the knowledge about diode that I had learned in class and also reinforced the experimental skill. I was content to these gains. As for English, teacher uploaded experimental materials to ICE so that I previewed these in order to know the experiment well. But the reading was tough because it included many technical words. Moreover I had to read sentences combined with the circuit knowledge, it becomes more difficult to understand and frustrated me. After this preview, I wrote the experimental report successfully without English problem. Evaluation & Analysis

Firstly, what I did well is that I carefully previewed the experimental...
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