reflective paper for World Cup

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Pedro Martinez

Reflective Essay

I gave an informative speech about the World Cup and after seeing the feedback from the classmates I know what to work on for the next speech. The reason I chose the World Cup was because soccer is my favorite sport and there is no bigger event in the world. I did not only want to share the event with the classmates, but I wanted to learn about it a bit more myself.

I felt comfortable in front of the class while giving the speech and was being sure to speak loud and clear. Quite a few of the peer reviews stated that I had great eye contact and a good loud voice. Other peer reviews I enjoyed reading stated I had a good presentation and PowerPoint to make the speech easy to follow. My favorite review was one that said “He understood and really cared about the topic.” It means a lot to me because soccer is my passion and for someone else to see that in me makes the speech easy. I researched the topic beforehand to gather my speech and I had reviews stating I had detailed facts about the world cup.

Although I am pleased with the positive reviews there are still things I need to work on for the next speech. One review stated “When he made a mistake, he got kind of stuck on it.” I take this as really good advice because I didn’t notice that it was happening. Some of the hang ups may have come from me talking a bit to fast. I had a couple reviews stating I was talking to fast. I will have to practice the pace of my speech in order to limit the mistakes. Also, work on not getting hung up on any mistakes I do make. There was one other review that stuck out to me because I didn’t realize I was doing it as well. It said “Some terms and rules were a little hard to follow” meaning that I had information in my speech that wasn’t a common knowledge term for the World Cup. In the future I will have to look through the words that don’t really get used on a basic level of the topic. Make the speech easier to follow with entry level...
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