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My attitude towards writing can be reflected in an interview that Sheila Gross had with Writers Living, “There’s no secret. It’s a combination of things: faith, hard work, and determination. This business is not for the faint at heart. The key is to never give up, even when faced with obstacles or rejections.” In the early days of when I was starting college, I was afraid of English classes and anything to do with writing. However, now being a Computer Science major, I have learned to appreciate writing. In my career, I have to be able to write policies, memorandums, and write to formal letters to people, especially those that are ranked GS-12 and higher in both the civilian and military world – writing formally has become a must in my life. Therefore, it has become an exciting time for me to have my mind engaged with the various works that I am doing and being able to put those thoughts onto paper. Through my time in college, I have learned the importance of writing and the skills it teaches me for the real world. Individuals interpretations bring out many insights to ones writing and it also provide us another view that author is telling us indirectly in their writing. As mentioned before of my fears, writing has always been one of my many weaknesses; it has been always a challenge when writing a paper or essay that is not in the typical high school five-paragraph essay. As I learned more writing skills allowed me to develop myself as needed in the real world, due to my job I would be enforcing policy through writing, providing memorandums or documentation, and corresponding with others in an official capacity through email. My writing has improved since starting my first college writing class. I no longer have difficulty writing which includes adding information that does not necessarily needs to be there. Instead of sticking to one-sided argument I am able to write papers that would show different perspectives. Finally, I am able to go through journal...
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