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Ms. Wadeaa Al-Daghestani

University of Sharjah

June 18, 2004

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June 18, 2004 was the date of publishing the nursing duty Rota of the MMW where I am having my clinical practicum. During this day, an incident happened through which I came to know how the manager have an immense burden of responsibilities and tasks and one of them is to write the duty list; once performing this task, a lot of disagreement aroused. It was around 10 o’clock, early morning, when the in-charge distributed the duty list to the MMW, CCU, and nursing office. Once the list was hanged, all the staff rushed toward it like the students who were waiting to their exam results anxiously. At the bottom of the list she (the in-charg) wrote, “ To all MMW staff: As Sr. X & Sr. E resigned, please try to co-operate with me. Thanks”. By writing those wards, the in-charge was most likely predicting opposition from her staff. I was there observing their reaction. Majority of them were displeased; some kept silent while others were mumbling. One staff nurse, who was so angry, went directly to the in-charge and the conversation flow: Staff nurse: Why didn’t you consider my duty request? I know that you used to consider for the staff who are special to you. (In angry voice tone) In-charge: You are mature and I didn’t expect this response from you. Is that the cooperation that I asked you for? Staff nurse: Sister! I am full mature, but in this hospital I am not. (Screaming) In-charge: Do you feel that it is very easy to write a duty rota in a ward where all the staff have duty requests. In addition, you know that we have shortage. Try to exchange your duty with other staff. Staff nurse: Why every time I should beg other staff to change the duty. Today I will not be silent anymore. If you didn’t change my duty, I will be absent. I don’t...

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