Reflective Journal

Topics: Culture Pages: 9 (2292 words) Published: September 28, 2015
Reflective Journal

Submitted to : Mr. Revi Nair

For Partial Completion of: TransNational Studies (TCV1009)

Submitted by: Yeung Su Hui Annabelle
Matric No: 1104081C
Class : T02

I, Yeung Su Hui Annabelle, declare that this work is all mine and has not been sourced from any third party or any of my earlier work, excluding cited references.

Signature ___________________

Submission date: 19th October 2012

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Reflection Journal Entry 1
When I first decided to join this CDS, I had a few things running in my head, thinking, what if I do not get along with my new roommates? This is the main challenge that has been boggling me for quite awhile. It was hard for me to warm up to strangers, and now I have to live with these strangers for two weeks. One of the main reasons why I do not get along with some people is because we have different personalities and this will lead to conflicts and differences, even over the simplest things, for example, we have differences over what kind of food we should eat. Or perhaps having different opinions to a matter, which will also result in another conflict and make everyone in the household unhappy.

Another challenge would be not getting used to living somewhere outside my home as an independent person as I think I am a sheltered individual, used to having my needs met by my parents and relatives. As such, I am afraid that my roommates will think of me as a “spoilt child” when in fact it is due to my inexperience. Furthermore, I am afraid that I will commit stupid mistakes like not knowing how to do the household chores properly because I have not gotten much experience doing so.

Lastly, it would be the tolerance of my untidiness. As I would not be living alone, therefore I have to consider how others would think of my untidiness. I admit that I am an untidy person and I usually clean up my mess after awhile. Some people might be able to tolerate it because they are like me, however I am afraid that my untidiness will annoy my roommates and thus create an unfriendly environment during our stay.

However, for the sake of this module and the people living with me, I will change my ways and aim to be a better and more independent person, as well as learning on how to accept the differences of other people. What I feel that I will learn from this subject is understanding the psychological makeup of people from other cultures, how different they are from Singaporeans and how we should behave in order to appear unoffensive to others.

Reflection Journal Entry 2
What does it mean to be transnational? Being a transnational person means having the ability to communicate and deal with people from different ethnicity and cultures. I believe that the basics are to respect, understand and to be sensitive to their culture. From what I learnt throughout this week, I realized that despite knowing how the cultures define the mindset and behavior of people, I still remained hard on my ways when it comes to dealing with them. Growing up and being influenced by family and friends, I became less tolerant of other cultures and tend to stereotype them into different groups, which is an inaccurate way of interpreting their behavior. Also, I tend to be slightly insensitive at times which make my actions seem offensive to them. Perhaps being a rather opinionated and stubborn individual, I rarely put myself in their shoes and did not think that maybe the other party is behaving like that due to his upbringing and cultural values. Therefore, I think that I am not a very good transnational person. There are different examples, firstly, being a Singaporean Chinese, interacting and seeing the behavior of Chinese that hails from Mainland China, initially I did not think that their “rude” behavior was considered the norm back...
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