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Topics: Attachment theory, Developmental psychology, Family Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: October 29, 2014
After having the lecture of “development over the life span “, I have noticed that emotional development varies among people caused by the difference of attachment style that their caregivers or parent give to them.

According to Bowlby & Ainsworth (1956,1991), attachment style or pattern can be divided into four types : secure base, avoidant, ambivalent and disorganized. For example, if parent applies a warm/responsive caregiving style to their children, children therefore will be securely attached and they will generally become unhappy when their caregivers leave, and become happy when their caregivers are backed. When they are frightened, they will seek comfort from the caregiver. In short, children will use their parent as their secure base.

It seems that secure attached children will have more positive influence on emotional development when compared to those who avoidant or ambivalent attached, but does it means that caregivers or parents should all adopt the warm caregiving style to their children? Will it always benefit to the growth of children?

It is said that the parents of secure attached children will react quickly to their children’s needs and are generally more responsive to their children. In Hong Kong, these kinds of parents are being called as ‘monster parent’ who will take care or satisfy all of their children’s wants and needs. Taking my relatives (my cousin) as an example, she is a typical modern Hong Kong’s mother who is very concern and worry about her own children. She always want to give the best and the most to her daughter. Like feeding her, helping her change clothes and brushing teeth for her even her daughter should have the ability to take care of herself. The consequence of this is simple, her daughter rely on her in every aspects. It is no doubt that her children treat her as a secure base, but at the same time her daughter has poor development on emotion control as well as self-care ability. Moreover, her daughter will...
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