Reflective Journal

Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: August 27, 2013
People experience the wrath of natural disasters like flash flood, landslide, and hurricane wind not just because these are all natural phenomena, but it is all due to humanity's neglect and exploitation towards nature. “Karma” as we say here in Philippines. But the question is, why do we really need to experience before we learn? Are we all PEOPLE that dumb for us not to understand what the consequences are? Actually, we are also implicated by that flood. In other words, we are also affected by that unfavorable happening last week. My first-made reflective journal for that week swam with the flood. Hahaha. At first, my reaction was at rage because not only for the reason that it swam with the flood, but because the document which contained my RJ was deleted because I didn’t expect that to happen. And for that, I need to do my RJ again. Saya diba? Hahaha. What about you ma’am? Will you be also get angry when your work was just lost unexpectedly? But I don’t really expect Miss Razon to be at rage, honestly. Hahahah. I can’t imagine Miss Razon’s face at rage because I’m used at her face that always SMILES. Now I’m always practicing that, even if I’m a short-tempered person, I always smile even if there’s no reason to smile at all. Sometimes, I became truly used to it that even when I’m sleeping I also smiling. Kidding. Haha. And that’s what I learned during this adversity. To always smile. I brought that lesson beyond our four walls. We also need to know that whatever may happen every time there is a typhoon, people should remember that it is not a revenge by nature, but rather it is a plea in which nature has been expressing it to everyone in the form of natural force. Nature has its own way to protect itself. Though it cannot speak, it can able to express its plea through actions. If people cannot discipline themselves, nature will show them how. It merely reverts back to them what they deserve to experience.
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