Reflective Explore The Value Of Experiential Learning

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Explore the Value of Experiential Learning: The Second Time Around

Learning and Development is a theme that interest me, therefore when handed our HRM course structure at the beginning of term I quickly decided on that theme out of the 10 on offer. We learnt that we were to present and write a paper on a chosen topic within that theme. Choosing a topic proved difficult because I did not know what any of the topics meant and as deadline day loomed I was still undecided. Subsequently the topic was chosen for me by a classmate, I was happy about this because I felt decision is made, I will work with what topic I have been assigned. Reflecting on this moment I realise that I was not engaging with the opportunities and possibilities that come from education. I did not take responsibility for my own learning, also I was not thinking ahead which is important when undertaking a degree course. This knowledge is essential to me as a learner because it teaches me to become more engaged on issues that are ultimately going to affect me at a later stage. Beginning

I had wonderful intentions to begin my paper over the Christmas period, however this intention never reached reality. Academically I work well under pressure, however I never took into consideration that previously I would convince myself that I was content with an average grade. However I am continuously trying to improve on this old thought and hope that I can strive to reach my maximum learning ability. I realised early on that I had began studying for both my presentation and paper too late, not realising the workload that was involved. This is a major regret for me because when doing both assessments I did understand my topic in great depth. At the time I felt I had to read everything that it was all relevant, I have since learnt that if I had started researching earlier and sought clarity from my lecturer I would not have got bogged down in irrelevant time-consuming material. I have slightly improved my understanding of relevant and irrelevant material and this knowledge will be useful to me as a learner because it will lessen my anxiety when writing future academic papers.

I focused on completing my presentation first, at the time I felt this was the right decision because previous peer presentations were quite impressive and I did not want to let myself down in front of the class. Later as I was writing the paper I realised that this was the wrong decision as I had not equipped myself with enough knowledge of the topic and I believe if I had done the paper first I would have had a more academic focused presentation. Drawing on experience I am use to standing in front of a class and speaking therefore I was not overly nervous when beginning my presentation. However I had not practised the ending of my presentation where I was relating my topic to personal experience and at this moment my nerves and lack of practise got the better of me. Upon reflection I was disappointed with myself because I had not related my topic to the business world, contrast it or...

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