Reflective Essay About Myself As A Writer
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Before this semester started, I was sure I was going to major in English. English was second best to what I really wanted to do, write. Sadly, the only reason I took the creative writing class was because it was a core class I had to take for my major. Little did I know that my love for creative writing would soon flourish. As we drove father into the class, I realized I started to become excited to come to class. Since I was a kid, I always loved to put in a good CD and sit down at my computer to write. I wrote poetry, short stories, and even half of a book before. When I got old enough to begin visiting colleges, I debated on what I wanted to major in. Then I thought journalism, but I knew the chances of me becoming a world famous writer was slim to none. I told myself I was writing for no reason, I told myself no one was interested in my writing. Eventually, I closed my laptop and stopped writing. …show more content…
I am rough around the edges, but I know that if I truly believe in myself I will make it to where I want to be. Still, I have a lot to learn before I begin publishing my writing. Even when I first started writing, I had trouble using transitions. When I began writing my book, I was confused when to start another chapter. Hopefully as my college career continues, I will get better on fixing the little things in my writing.
My goal for the future is to become a creative writing professor and to have some of my books published. One day, I hope to encourage other students who have a gift in writing to pursue it. This class to me was not just a credit I had to get for my major, it made me realize what I want to do in my life. Writing is epic, lustful, logical, and among all things, creative. It is amazing the images my mind conveys while writing. Creative writing opens the darkest chambers in people’s mind they find interesting. I am looking most forward to pursue my career in creative writing. (Word count

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