Reflective Diary

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The Working Log

How should I write a reflective log or diary?
There is no right or wrong way to write the diary, however make sure that you don’t only describe what you did. If you only write about what happened without reflecting on it, the moderator will think that you haven’t learnt anything from the lessons. •Try to focus on your own skills development as well as what you achieved in the classroom. •Relate your comments to the work you did on your ‘initial skills base’ at the start of the course (what aspects have you improved on etc) •Try to include any resources used and any preparation, research, findings or pictures, diagrams, photos, tape recordings, etc to make your diary more interesting. Useful questions to think about/answer when writing your diary: The following are suggestions and are not an exhaustive list •How did you feel before you started the course / lesson? •What activities did you do in the lesson and how did you cope with them? •How do the activities and skills you learnt relate to the performing arts industry? •What skills / methods did you use in the lesson? What were you good at? What were you not so good at – why? •If you really enjoyed or did not enjoy the lesson explain why. What did you learn from the experience? •What did you think about the other students in the group? How did they learn best? How did they approach the tasks / lesson? (remember: do not be personal and avoid using names. ) •What skills do you need to improve? How did you feel at the end? Happy, sad, why? •What skills do you need to improve?

Will the school teachers / staff be reading my diary?
The moderator and the Performing Arts department will be reading it. You must remember to explain all the work clearly so that someone who did not attend the lesson will understand what you did.
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