Reflective Account: A Day at an Elderly Care Home

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Respect, Geriatrics Pages: 3 (850 words) Published: April 14, 2013

Within my college course iam doing my placement in an elderly care home. The unit I’m in tends to be more frail elderly clients. Due to the data protection act 1998 I will be changing names of the clients nursing staff and location to safeguard their confidentially. It is also complies with the NMC 2012 “you must respect people’s right to confidentiality” (NMC2012).

Within the home there is an elderly gentleman called Alec, Alec has osteoarthritis and uses a wheelchair his mobility is very poor but he can weightbear so is able to use the stand aid. On the day in question as I went to the duty room for my handover I had been told that Alec still had to get up and would I assist the other carer in getting him up and ready.


Before going to get Alec up I had a read through his care plan which told me he needed assistance with two carers with the stand aid it told me he could get quite agitated when finished I went with the other carer to the sluice and collected aprons and gloves for infection control purposes and a commode. On arrival at Alec’s room I knocked the door and said who it was and waited for a reply” you must treat people as individuals and respect their dignity” (NMC2012), on Alec’s reply I entered the room with the other carer we both introduced ourselves and explained what we were in to do “you must ensure you gain consent before you begin any treatment or care” (NMC2012). While the other carer looked out Alec’s clothes for the day giving him a choice of two outfits to pick from I had put on the tap to heat the water chatting to Alec as I got everything organised once organised the other carer and I put on the apron and gloves to prevent infection and moved the stand aid next to the bed using the correct moving and handling techniques we got alec to sit on the edge of the bed taking the strap for the stand aid we checked that it was fit for use. We put the strap around Alec and fastened it properly explaining to Alec what...
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