Reflective Account 331

Topics: Pharmacology, Dispensation, Pharmacy Pages: 4 (1218 words) Published: March 14, 2015
Diploma in Health and Social Care Level 3

Unit 331 -Support use of medications in social care settings

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(Please read the learning outcome and write a description of your practice)

Learning outcome 5.1 - demonstrate how to receive supplies of medication in line with agreed ways of working

All medication is collected at their allocated pick up point. Medication is checked to see if it is all correct so that if there are any errors it can be dealt with immediately. Any changes to medication are noted on the mars sheet & a note left in communication book for the attention of all staff. If all is ok then the pack is signed & dated that it has been checked & who it has been collected by.

Learning outcome 5.2 - demonstrate how to store medication safely

All medication is stored away in a cupboard or drawer that has been specifically allocated for that purpose. These areas are cool to prevent any medication from being stored at a too higher temperature. When dealing with any items that need to be stored in a fridge, these items are placed immediately in the fridge after collection & daily temperatures are recorded to ensure the fridge is running at the correct temperature for storage. This is also noted on the mars sheet that these items are stored in this way. All medication is stored in familiar places for each service user. Expiry dates are regularly checked also.

Learning outcome 5.3 - demonstrate how to dispose of un-used or unwanted medication safely

All medicated that is unused, unwanted or out of date is put in a bag & labelled as to the reason so all staff & service users are aware. They are then returned to the pharmacy for disposal. A note is also left in the communication book so all staff are aware of any incidents that happen in this way.

Learning outcome 7.1 - demonstrate how to access information about an individual’s medication

Each service user’s current medication is...
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