Reflective Account

Topics: Automobile, Nonviolent Communication, Learning Pages: 1 (392 words) Published: February 28, 2013
A reflective account

A new little boy started recently in nursery, as he entered nursery i bent down, smiled giving him eye contact i then said hello using his name and told him mine and he smiled back. He had never been to nursery before and he was very excited and had no awareness of the daily routine. i calmly held out my hand and he held out his. holding each others hands i showed him where his name card was, he picked up his name card and we walked over to the self-registration board. i asked him what he would like to play with and he chose to play with the cars. but during his play he become very upset because he wanted to play with the red car and another child had the red car. so i bent down and placed my arm around him and asked to look at me. Tears were rolling down his face and i explained to him that when the other child had finished playing with the red car he would be able to have a turn. i then sat down next to him to take turns in using the garage and sharing the cars. During the session i continued to support him, during lunch time and throughout the session. On occasions when he was unsure of what to do we went over to the routine board and talked him through the pictures so he knew what was happening next.


I felt that i reassured him by letting him know who i was and at all times i made sure i gained his attention by using his name and ensure that he was listening by making sure we gained eye contact before speaking. I helped him with understanding the daily routine and I helped him with his social skills by supporting him with understanding the we need to take turns and share.

Next time

Next time I will carry on encouraging his social skills and communication skills by supporting him with sharing the toys and taking turns. I will also tell him the children's names so he will feel part of a group and help with his self esteem. All while letting the child know I will be there to support him and help with his daily needs...
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