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Reflective Journal
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John Isichei
Diploma to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector9410077300
Reflective Journal
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John Isichei
Diploma to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector
TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u What is inclusive Practice? PAGEREF _Toc389129703 \h 1Brief Description PAGEREF _Toc389129704 \h 1What went well? PAGEREF _Toc389129705 \h 1Why? PAGEREF _Toc389129706 \h 2Even better if... PAGEREF _Toc389129707 \h 2Why? PAGEREF _Toc389129708 \h 2What the theory has to say. PAGEREF _Toc389129709 \h 3My own Conclusions. PAGEREF _Toc389129710 \h 3 What is inclusive Practice?Brief DescriptionThe first activity, we were paired in groups of four and asked the following questions in succession: What is inclusive practice?

What is Integration?
Is what the learner does more important than what the teacher does? The next activity was done after viewing DVD learning for living, which is a series of various learners with different learning issues. We were again placed in group of fours and asked to discuss a particular learner. The task involved is to and present to the DTTLS class. We were given the learner Diane, She has a visual disability. I observed in the video that, the zoom accessibility function is set on the computer behind her. Our group came up with the following results for their activity What went well?From the various definitions that were given during the first activity. We had a discussion on, what is inclusive practice? We then came to the conclusion that it means:- Trying to meet the needs of all your learners who may be different but still need to learn regardless of their Disability, learning styles, race, religion, age and sexual orientation. The next question that was discussed was what is integration? Our definition of this is that, it is the process were those with differentiation needs come together in a main stream learning environment. We then went onto the final question...

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