Reflections of a Counselor

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The intention of this paper is to examine the rationale for seeking a counseling degree. I will look at look at personality characteristics that are commonly accepted in the counseling profession along with comparing and contrasting personality characteristics. I will examine how personality characteristics can influence counseling approaches and counseling styles. I will also take a research how functional transferrable skills may be applied. This paper will then review what some of the possible professional counseling settings could be. Seeking a Degree in Counseling

Numerous reasons exist about why one would seek out a mental health counseling degree. Some sincere motives will naturally outshine self-seeking intentions. After much exploring and contemplating, I established several genuine reasons for coming to the decision to seek a counseling degree. One of the main driving forces for seeking a counseling degree was to guide, and encourage other individuals to use their natural abilities and assist them in finding their own inner strength and intuition. I want to support clients in finding their own power and encourage them to realize that they always have options and that whatever obstacles they may face; the choice of the outcome is always theirs to make. Change may be difficult or complex and can often be harder than struggling with what one already knows. Ultimately this writer wants to show others that even if it is a slow process, if one is persistent anything is possible. The goal is to enlighten others to advocate for themselves and help them to analyze and evaluate what it is that they wish to change or help them build on their own talents to enhance their lives and themselves. As mentioned in the preceding paragraph, countless reasons exist that one may elect to go into the helping profession, in particularly counseling. I aspire to enhance others’ lives by teaching them to make the most of the skills that they already have and build upon what they know to help clients reach their full potential. This would be done by encouraging and showing them how to make positive changes. That could include anything that may be negatively affecting them such as relationships, additions, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, grief, fears, and so on. I believe it is important to influence others through leading by example in daily life in addition to always giving support where it is needed. I want to work with those that struggle with any issues mentioned above as well as working with clients on self esteem, self worth and dependency issues. I plan to work with clients seeking assistance with parenting issues and help those that are dealing with family difficulties. Clients with child or adolescent issues, employment, life coaching, domestic violence, and those that are dealing with gay or lesbian issues are another interest that I aim to counsel. I would love to facilitate groups in any of these topics and would also like to show all survivors that one does not have to be controlled to be loved; furthermore one does not need to control a partner to be loved. I believe that one should treat others with respect, dignity and cultural sensitivity. Counselors should always be aware of biases and have insight into issues that concern them. I think that a mental health counselor has to always be aware of their role as a therapist. I think that defining your role as the therapist while building rapport is essential for being effective as well as ethical. Ideal Personality Characteristics

Although professional counselors are independent individuals they share several core characteristics. Those morals, values, and personality characteristics are considered ideal for those who are in the mental health counseling profession. Ideally all mental health professionals should possess an authentic desire to want to help those clients that they serve. The counselor should seek...
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