Reflections of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

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1. At the beginning of the film, Steve Jobs thanks Bill Gates for "standing with us", why? Support your answer(s) with specific information from the internet. I don’t know why Steve Jobs thanks Bill Gates for standing with us. I thought that with the merger of two small enterprises they had joined forces an outside threat, ie. IBM. The IBM as a company represented the censorship and government control exerted on budding capitalists in the early 80’s. 2.      Who did Steve Jobs think was the "enemy" and who was the real enemy? Why did Steve Jobs not understand who the real enemy was? Support your answer(s) with specific evidence from the film (describe the specific scene(s)).

In the film Steve Jobs thought that IBM was the enemy, representing the ultra-corporate ‘big brother’ culture of the US military. Mr Jobs reflected the 60’s idealism and unconformist culture of the flower child generation in California. He took drugs, travelled to India for a spiritual experience and though of himself as a self made man. He pitted his vision of creating Apple computers Inc., as a business and as a (consumable) lifestyle against the bureaucracy of IBM. Consumed by his arrogance Mr. Jobs didn’t consider Bill Gates to be a threat.

Open scene of the film, Steve Jobs shows the 1981 Apple commercial and referenced the `Welcome IBM. Seriously.` Wall Street Journal ad. In them he proclaims Apple to be the leader of a new era ` increasing social capital by enhancing individual productivity`1; the birth of the personal computer age. It compares IBM, their major competitor to a mind controlled robot army unable of original thought.

In the Pirates flags scene in the film, when Microsoft visits Apple for a RD session, Steve thought he was too clever to be tricked or stolen from. He showed Bill the new graphic user interface, let him know that Xerox has pioneered the software, (and his theft of it) but never considered that anyone else could share his ambition to take the technology to the next level, like he did. 2

The Famous Welcome IBM, Seriously Apple Ad CLIFFosakaJAPAN, 2010. Web February 15, 2010. Pirates of Silicon Valley. Dir. Martyn Burke. Perf. Noah Wyle and Anthony Michael Hall. TNT Original, 1999. DVD

3.      Steve Jobs considered himself to be spiritually enlightened.  What is spiritual enlightenment and, considering Steve Job's behaviour portrayed in the film, was he enlightened? Support your answer(s) with specific evidence from the internet and the film (describe the specific scene(s)).

Steve Jobs was a very shallow man; an a-typical example of his generation. By virtue of his behaviour Steve Jobs embodies the second dictionary definition of ‘the enlightenment.’ In the film, Steve was drunk on the power of his human reasoning and innovations. In the press conference scene when he was announcing John Sculley as CEO, he actively brainwashed his staff, investors and the media to believe that he was leading a political and even spiritual shift of values: ‘he was changing the world’. His duplicity could best be compared to “some scientists, who've garnered a sort of "deity complex" based on their scientific achievements, take their role to be akin to Plato's "philosopher kings," wise advisors who would tell citizens how to live.”1 Yet the most convincing reason why Steve wasn’t a spiritually enlighten person was his desire for material rewards. Morally Steve wasn’t interested in creating an even playing field where he would create an educated public to understand the reasoning needed to argue and critique his work. He defended the greedy, oppressive and financial power structures that gave him the influence he welded rather than enter into the prajna2 of Hinduism, meaning “the pure and unqualified knowledge’ of spiritual awareness that he could have sought.

In the film his relationships with his girlfriend when she became pregnant and how he treated Steve Wozniak after Apple began to grow shows his core...
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