Reflections of Christianity

Topics: Poverty, Poverty reduction, Development Pages: 5 (1689 words) Published: April 24, 2009
Sophie Lichtas

Reflection of Christianity

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. This shows us it is more important to be healthy, and keep healthy and therefore live longer than to spend a short lifetime earning money, because money will not make your life any longer. In Hinduism wealth does not belong to one person, but to the whole family, it is also passed down in generations, so the more money you earn the better a life style your grandchildren will lead. Hindus are expected to give away wealth that they do not need to the poor, especially in countries such as India where begging is a common activity. Giving money to the needy means that you will improve your karma and gain merit in your next life. As a person grows older, and moves beyond the householder period, they need their wealth less and less. They give their wealth away either through temples in the areas of a town where there is a lack of money or through organizations such as the Swaminarayan Hindu mission in the UK. Aii. Explain why there is a need for World Development. In certain countries of the world there is definitely a need for world development. People in countries, which face 'absolute poverty' means that they do not even own the basic amenities to sustain life. Countries like this are mainly found in the Southern part of the World, and are in desperate need for development. These countries can sometimes be called "Third World" countries. 'Relative poverty' means that people in a certain area of a country are poorer than those living around them. The Northern part of the World mainly consists of highly developed countries with a better standard of living. Overall the population of the more developed countries is less than of the undeveloped ones. Developing countries can also be known as "First World" countries. Even though not all countries in the North are rich, this may mainly be due to the fact that they have suffered through harsh political events or wars. These countries are known as "Second World" countries.

You can easily tell how developed a country is by looking at how many people in the country are malnourished. This is mainly because people in less developed countries depend on primary jobs, such as farming and fishing, which means that at the same time the people are harvesting to feed their family, but also to sell to bigger firms and therefore make money.

The only way an ELDC can make enough money for their debts is to grow cash crops, which are grown for sale rather than consumption. This is a very sad idea, because many people who live next to a field of corn could easily take a handful and bake some bread, but instead they have to grow the food and starve to death.

The distribution of wealth and food is unequal throughout the world. Nearly a fifth of the world's population live in absolute poverty. These people are malnourished and suffer from high infant mortality and low life expectancy. They also lack education, employment, sanitation and safe water, access to health services or transport. They are trapped in extreme poverty. More people have died as a consequence of hunger in recent years than have been killed in all the wars, revolutions and murders for over a century. Poverty is a problem for every country in the world. In developing countries like Ethiopia and Mozambique, hunger and poverty are widespread and threaten whole communities with starvation and disease. This situation should not be allowed to continue. The conditions are well beneath anything that could be considered a reasonable level and are an insult to human dignity. The world needs development because most of the deaths from poverty could be prevented. With help, developing countries could become more self-sufficient and individuals would be able use their skills and abilities and so fulfil their potential.

CAFOD is the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development. It is the...
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