Reflections Fo Team Working

Topics: Belbin Team Inventory, Comedy Pages: 4 (950 words) Published: March 21, 2011
Dr. Meredith Belbin is well known for his team roles concept. The team roles identified by Belbin are based on certain patterns of behaviour that people exhibit within teams. These patterns of behaviour can potentially have an impact on the performance of the team. The basic premise of the Belbin team roles theory is quite simple. When individuals become aware of their own strengths and abilities, and understand the role that he or she is capable of playing within a team, it helps them to deal better with the demands of the team environment. 24th Nov 2010. Belbin identified 9 team roles, which are as follows.

The Plant
The plant is the creative innovator that comes up with new ideas “thinks outside the box”

Resource Investigator
The Resource Investigator is curious they explore options they “Look at the bigger picture”

The Shaper
Shapers challenge the team to improve. They determine group attitude either in a positive or negative way.

The monitor listens and analyses the other team members ideas

Team Worker,
Team workers provide support and are eager to participate

Implementers are people who get things done and are eager to make decisions

Are the team members who see that project are completed and reviews situations.

Specialists are the team members that have the expertise or the specialist knowledge to get the job done.

A while ago I was part of a team that came together as a production team to devise and produce a one hour play that would evoke thoughts on our current economic situation but also entertain in a humorous way. On reflection I can identify that some the team actually fell into the team roles that Belbin classified in the paragraph above.

There was Margaret the “Plant” she had lot of ideas of different characters from the community and how they would interact in a humorous way with...
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