Reflection - a Child Called "It"

Topics: Child abuse Pages: 2 (729 words) Published: May 20, 2012
Jerome Gatchalian
CD 4 - Parenting
Ms. Padilla
November 16, 2010
A Child Called "It" - Book Reflection
First of all, I am not a big fan of reading books, but this is one book that is hard to put down. I would recommend it, not only for parents but for people who works with children as well. This book is very informative and will give its readers a whole new level of appreciation for their children. A Child Called "It" is a very inspiring story of a young boy who grew up with an abusive mother, and a spineless father who did nothing to stop it. This went on for years, from about the time David was in the first grade until he was 12 years old, until finally, a teacher stepped in. But despite all the hardships, the young boy was able to triumph, got freed from his "madhouse", and eventually wrote a book about himself.

I believe that the author, Mr. Dave Pelzer, has two objectives in writing the book. The first one, to inform the readers of how a loving, caring parent can change to a cold, abusive monster, and the second, is that anyone can turn their life around as long as they are willing to fight for it. In addition, his story also shares the view point of a child being neglected. I found it interesting how encouraging words like "Be a good boy" could mean so different to another child. I remember whenever my parents would leave us with our relatives, they would remind us to be good boys, but for us, it meant to behave, no running inside the house, or touching things that don't belong to us without any permission, to show the same amount of respect to our relatives and their properties as we would our own home and parents. The book also touches on "name calling" and how derogatory it could be and how it takes away ones individuality.

Furthermore, the book also reminded me of the reasons why children act out. Because of unmet emotional needs, and lousy local conditions at home, he resorted to stealing to feed his hunger, and even stormed out of...
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