Reflection: Patient and Surgery Center

Topics: Patient, Anesthesia, Stone Pages: 4 (1454 words) Published: November 11, 2012
Kimberly Blatnica
Preceptor Site: Surgery Center at Regency Park
Clinical Reflection 4
17 October 2012

Today’s clinical experience allowed for new education and skill practice. I was able to precept in post-op, which was a great change. Being in pre-op, we are responsible for receiving clients from the OR. We then monitor them, reeducate, prepare for and perform discharge, and cleaning the area that was used by disinfecting, tossing and replacing linens, and moving the bed to an empty room in pre-op. We receive report from the circulating nurse and the nurse anesthetist when they first bring the patient to recovery. Together we hook the patient up to the monitors and record the first set of vitals together. These include: blood pressure, heart rate, respirations, temperature, pulse ox, pain (if patient is conscious), and an ECG reading if they were general. When I first arrived to clinical today- I was told we were going to be busy. I was also able to work with clients’ receiving urology and ENT procedures, not just cataracts. Urology was new for me but I was excited to be doing something different. Learning needs identified for this experience were only regarding urology patients. They differ due to the use of general anesthesia, the need to void before discharge, education of post-op care, and pain medication administration. Learning needs I identified from this experience includes education about the different urology procedures and education, how to effectively care for a general anesthesia patient during recovery, and complications. I met my needs by asking many questions during clinical and the use of our textbook. One of my client’s primary concerns occurred after he received a cystoscopy with the insertion of an indwelling urethral stent. This patient was a 52 year old male, with mild hypertension. No other health concerns were noted in his chart. He originally scheduled the procedure in order to remove a very large stone. However...
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