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Topics: Family, Young adult, Human development Pages: 2 (788 words) Published: October 27, 2014
The Expanded Family Life Cycle Essay chapter 12 Marcos Rosa 477 MFT 603B.RA Individual and Family Development 10/14/2114 Becoming an adult Finding ways to love and work This family cycle transition can be described as beginning with the adolescents identity crises and continuing with the transition to college and young adulthood. A healthy resolution of challenges of this stage will be accepting emotional and financial responsibilities for self (McGOLDRICK, 2011) while the unhealthy will be cutting-off, becoming estranged and distant from family or ending up never leaving home. Both of these responses are dissatisfactory solution to the challenges of the launching phase. A young adult task in this phase is primarily focused on the development of autonomy and healthy interdependence. Some of the challenges of this process will be Development of financial self-sufficiency, Learn how to work, Learn how to love, be responsible for ones own emotional and develop intimate peer relationships. Some tensions between parents and young adults are common during this stage. The young adult expects to be free from parents controlling them on their daily decisions, but they still dependent on parents to support them financially. There is also a expectation from them that parents will continue to support them while they learn how to work and plan for their future carreer. During this stage, young adults will have to make choice about what they will do for living. They will think about what they are going to study. Some of them may think that they are better than parents, felling grandiose, thinking that they will never commit the same mistake others do. They will start to select colleges that they want to attend and making plans for the future, counting with parents to support them. For some of the young adults that dont find support from parents to proceed with college, may ending up working part time and attending college part time. Others will be discouraged to...
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