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Topics: Pay It Forward, English-language films, Kindness Pages: 2 (910 words) Published: March 4, 2012
What do you do when someone does you a favor? Instead of paying him back, Trevor McKinney tells you to pay it forward.

Pay It Forward is about a 7th grader Trevor McKinney, the son of an alcoholic and single mother Arlene. Mr. Simonet is Trevor's unconventional Social Studies teacher who gives his class an unexpected assignment at their first meeting. "Think of an idea to change the world and put it into action." Simonet wants his pupils not only to know current events but also to think of making a difference in society. Trevor comes up with an idea. He will do an act of kindness to three people and instead of being paid back with gratitude, he will ask each recipient to pay it forward to three more people. They in turn must pay another good deed to three other people, and so on. Trevor works on a homeless man, his teacher Simonet, and his classmate Adam. Four months later, a reporter's car crashes while on a beat and a stranger gives him his Jaguar to keep. A bit unrealistic, yes, but a great action to represent kindness. Being kind usually starts a positive chain reaction. The reporter tries to find out why anyone would do such thing and was told to simply "pay it forward."

Pay it forward is a movie about helping others, but it is more a look at the personal conflicts of several different people. The boy is forced to live with a less than idealistic lifestyle. His mom is a drunk who has an abusive husband. His teacher is covered with burns, and there must be reasoning to it. First off, I like the theme of Pay it Forward. Although you might not realize it at first, the movie is working on two timelines at the same time, one following the boy as he creates The Idea, and the other following a reporter who is trying to track down the creator of The Idea. Pay it Forward is a movie about society, and what each of us can do to improve it. Each character represents many different life lessons. One of the most characters that I really liked was...
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