Reflection Paper Organisational Behavior

Topics: Brain, Perception, Psychology Pages: 4 (1542 words) Published: November 15, 2008
In everyday life the brain processes information according to a logical subconscious code, even in the simplest of operations such as identifying an object. The brain might perceive a box in its first stage of its analysis, in which the neurons will transmit observations to the brain. This in turn stimulates reflection about whether it is simply an empty box or whether it may have some type of content. The brain will answer this question in attempt to come up with a theory of what may be the in the box given certain clues and knowledge acquired during it’s reflection. If the box had small holes on its surface one might theorize that there is a living being in the box because of their need for oxygen. In many cases of a common object, the brain might not put in question its theory but in some less obvious cases or simply to be rigorous in its analysis, may decided to rely on hard evidence provided through experimentation to come to a final conclusion. More formally the cyclic process of observing, reflecting, theorizing and experimenting is known as the learning cycle. This processes is applicable in forming a more complete understanding of one’s behaviors in specific circumstances. Observation

In the OB interactive, which took place at 6:05 P.M on a Tuesday, I made an insightful observation about my own behavior within the setting of a team. We were all placed in ALT groups randomly with people whom we had only know for a period of 5 weeks and asked to perform various group tasks every week. In this particular interactive on Tuesday October 9th we were initially in a large circular seating formation. As such we were given a handout on which items astronauts make use of during a lunar exploration were listed. We were given 5 minutes to individually rank these items according to their relative importance in the event that the space shuttle landed 320 km off target and that we could only take a limited amount of them along with us. After we had ranked them...
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