Reflection Paper on parenting

Topics: Parenting styles, Abuse, Child abuse Pages: 4 (1681 words) Published: October 31, 2013

Reflection Paper
Based on the knowledge I have gained on parenting styles from this course, I have gathered that the disadvantages to Mr. and Mrs. Harsh-Heart’s parenting approach far outweighs its advantages. The technique this family uses is called an authoritarian parenting style. According to the website ‘Super Pages,’ in this relationship the parents establish themselves as dominant and run the household with strict rules and harsh sanctions such as spankings if the commands set are broken. The parents are not responsive to the child’s needs either. A short term benefit of this teaching technique is that the children will obey their ever command. The child will learn responsibility and strong self-discipline that will prove beneficial in making him moderately ready when entering the real world, to be on his own. However, the long-term effects can be quite damaging to their mental and emotional health. Children who endure domineering parenting and receive punishments such as ‘spankings’ are likely to redirect any feelings of pent up rage and anguish onto others, as they cannot do so onto their parents. Such behavior may follow them through adulthood. On another side of the spectrum, children in such an authoritative household may become withdrawn from society, suffering low self-esteem. They may stop participating among their peers, and become socially awkward. Teaching your child to follow the rules without question may leave them feeling as if they have no voice. Even though their parents may have meant well; wanting to teach them what they believe is morally and socially acceptable, so that they will be proper adults, it may pose to have an opposite effect. Having grown in such an environment, a child may develop a submissive personality, conforming to others, thinking that is how life works. Females may enter into abusive relationships as they are prone to being controlled, while boys may become the abuser. Though previously stated that the technique...
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