Reflection Paper on Corporate Entrepreneurship

Topics: Pepsi, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur, Finance, Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao / Pages: 5 (1040 words) / Published: Aug 20th, 2013
Reflection Paper

Do I have the Qualities, Traits and Characteristics of a Corporate Entrepreneur?

Module 1 – Entrepreneurial Leadership

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for Masters in Corporate Entrepreneurship

Submitted to : Dr. Eduardo A. Morato Jr.

Submitted by : Gerald Ian E. Conlu

I felt lucky and privileged the day my superior , Mr. Robert E. Tongcua then VP for Mindanao informed me that I qualified for the Pepsi Cola Products Philippines Inc ( PCPPI ) Executive Development Program and that I will be going to Manila to study my Masters Degree. He told me that the best part of it is that PCPPI will shoulder the expenses with no contract or retention papers signed. I was further moved when Sir Bobby Goce – director of Pepsi University talked to me and discussed about this opportunity .PCPPI was for real - I was going to Ateneo de Manila Graduate School to be part of this Masters of Business Administration ( MBA ) Program.

The feeling of happiness, of being privileged that I initially felt, the was soon replaced with anxiety the moment that the coursed outlined was presented – this was not an ordinary MBA course but rather a pilot program for a new degree on Corporate Entrepreneurship.

When I got the course outline, I was a bit scared and challenged. I knew entrepreneurship is something new and I thought it is directly related to the creativity and resourcefulness. I was never a creative person. I can remember that I know how to draw, how to imagine when I was still young but I never nurtured this capability. I never did well in subjects like Art and Communications – I would rather read books on exact sciences and mathematics that’s why I took up Accountancy as it is a concrete science of which the rules of are clearly defined and identified. Like Mathematics , it has structured procedures on problems solving of which diligence coupled with dedication would be of advantage – traits that I already

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