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Topics: Addiction, Associate's degree, Drug addiction Pages: 3 (1147 words) Published: May 31, 2012
Currently I am pursing an associate degree in Mental Health Technology. Though it is not absolutely necessary to have a degree to be in this field, those mental health facilities that are looking for individuals to become a part of their organization are going for prospects that have completed a two-year program or training from an accredited institution. This lets the employer know that the individual at least meets the minimum requirements and skills for the position they are interested in. An associate degree in MHT requires classes in mental health, general psychology, biology, intervention, substance and alcohol abuse, as well as numerous prerequisites and core curriculum. The core classes and training received before graduating helps Mental Health Technicians, also called psychiatric aides, the ability to understand how to interact with clients who suffer from mental and physical disorders, and addictions. Along with a two-year degree or certification, good interpersonal skills are essential because of the interactions between us and the clients. Additional training is done on the job for mental health technicians. Mental Health Technicians duties include but not limited to dispensing medication, taking patients to meetings or activities, being one-on-one with patients, supervision rehabilitation, all while under the watchful eye of a supervisor or administrator with a advanced degree. Their duties are pursuant to the type of facility a MHT professional works in. Since I want to worth with those with drug dependency my duties will vary versus the MHTs who work with the mentally disable. The working environment of a Mental Health Technician is broad. MHTs are employed at State mental health facilities, substance abuse clinics, and large or small private facilities. There have been plenty of news reports and movie made showing the dark side of working in these facilities, whether State run or private. Images of mental health workers selling drugs to their...
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