Reflection Paper for Kalumpang Elementary School

Topics: Teacher, High school, Education Pages: 3 (1250 words) Published: July 27, 2012
Reflection: TD Demo Class
1) Going to Calumpang Elementary School for the first time is not much of a surprise for me, mainly because I am used to that kind of environment which is also common in where I grew up. I am not the “rich-conyo kid” type of person, so relating and being with them is not much of a problem for me. Although I never had the experience to study in a public school, I can still remember back then I used to hang-out, play in the street and have siesta moments with my childhood friends, who were studying in a public school in our baranggay. Those times usually happens after school and before they were dismissed (my school was close to theirs, across the street lang naman), I get the chance to observe how they conduct classes and how students behave. All of my observations almost 10 years ago were just the same how I pictured the students last Tuesday. Hay, memories! But one thing though, having like 8 computers in class is such a shocker for me and their visual aids is much more convenient than before. This tell us that through technology development, it has transformed our education means and curriculum. In year 2000, we didn’t have those. I have nothing much to say though, I was actually bored and I had a severe headache. So overall, I felt the same when I was just a little boy, the only difference is that it’s high school version of me and I’m bound to do my responsibilities to teach.

2) Like I said earlier, they had computers and to access information was much easier (I should’ve put that answer here in number 2). Well the minor things are that they are still “scripted,” I mean everything was planned before us. I understand that because I also experienced that situation where the faculty is pressured to bring out their best performance. I’m saying that I’m not part of the faculty but I remember when I was in Kinder, school authority was full-forced on their duties because they don’t want to hear downgrading remarks from the...
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