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Topics: Christianity, Jesus, New Testament Pages: 3 (1040 words) Published: April 28, 2012
This course has proposed many thought-provoking questions for me personally. Many of the principles that I have learned have allowed me to answer questions that I was not able to answer prior. It has given me a clearer understanding of what it means to be a Christian and the foundation that it is built upon. Now when someone asks “Does the Bible have authority?”, “Why are personal testimonies important in sharing the gospel?”, or “If a person is a Christian, does it matter how they live their life?”, I can give an answer with confidence. I will focus on these three questions in my reflection. II.Does the Bible have Authority?

The bible may be the most criticized and most attacked book that has ever been written. There are many who work to discredit or disprove the authority of the bible. There are numerous books that claim to be the Word of God, the Book of Mormon, the Koran, the Bhagavad Gita just to name a few. It is very probable that how each person views the bible is a direct result of socialization, myself being an example. During my childhood, the bible was the only book of religion in my parent’s home. Why does the bible have authority? To answer, I may have simply stated “because it does”, of course this answer doesn’t suffice, people need details.

After studying about the bible’s power to convict, convince and convert, I have a new respect for the authority of the bible. The bible quite simply is the Word of God. It is able to substantiate its authority through its own internal and external evidences. Internal evidences include the self-proclamation, guidance of the Holy Spirit, transforming ability, and its power to unite. External evidences include its indestructibility, archaeology, and prophecy. There is no other book in the world that is able to support itself in this manner.

The bible is the only book that claims divine inspiration. It is the divine testimony of Jesus and His claim to be...
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