Reflection Paper

Topics: Standardized test, Counseling, Personality psychology Pages: 3 (922 words) Published: August 12, 2011
Professional Portfolio and Theoretical Reflection Paper

The counselor is viewed as a wise person, a teacher, experienced in living, mature enough to have a workable set of values; knowledgeable about careers and how people make decisions, effective in assessing human traits and behaviors. Since standardized tests are important counseling tools, the counselor is skilled in their use, especially in their interpretation. One might further expect that the counselor would enjoy disseminating information, making predictions, My goal in counseling is future planning and the making of related decisions best represent the goals of trait-and-factor counseling. I observed through training and sit –ins and just listening to professional counselors in all areas that while often discussed in connection with client self-actualization or personal growth, the element of decision-making as an objective remains strong. An objective, intermediate to the decision, is increased self-understanding. Still, I believe that counselors of many different orientations, when faced with psychologically sell-adjusted clients wanting to make educational or vocational decisions, turn almost instinctively to an approach similar to what we will describe as trait-and-factor. Because of its widespread use, this approach will receive a more detailed description than others. The trait-and-factor approach to counseling is based on trait theory which essentially states that people can be understood in terms of the traits they possess. Traits are stable characteristics, believed to be finite in number, than enable people to respond consistently to similar situations. While traits are internal to the person and unobservable in that sense, they can be measured by observing behavior that reveals them. Standardized assessment, especially self-report devices, has been the means by which I learned about traits. Factors are statistical representations of assumed traits. By doing advanced correlation...
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