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Topics: Christianity, Jesus, Holy Spirit Pages: 3 (1038 words) Published: August 10, 2013
Reflection Paper number 1
Bruce Alan Williams Student ID# 25941744 Theology 104 Summer 2013
I have chosen as my two topics: The Holy Spirit and The Gifts of the Spirit. These are defined as a) The third person in the Holy Trinity. b) A supernatural force and power that acts on behalf of the Father and Son and also the believer. c) Came to bring in the Grace dispensation or the church age between the day of Pentecost and the rapture of the church from the earth. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are the workings and functions within the body of Christ for the purpose of edifying and admonitions to the church. The Holy Spirit is and has been dear to my heart as I have become a member of the body of Christ. I wish to expound a little on Him and His gifts as pertaining my Christian Life.

The Holy trinity are all equal in essence. They all have always been, from everlasting to everlasting. The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost have no secrets from one another. The ministry of the three has always been in unison and they live to compliment and love one another. They were here all through the Old Testament working together and are still working together here in the New Testament era. One difference is that the Holy Spirit has been the conduit by which, and connection of, the Father and Son to communicate and interact with man, since the Son’s ascension. The Father had sent the Son (Jesus Christ) to earth as a babe to a virgin. This was accomplished through the Holy Spirit. He was to be raised up under the law of Moses. Then to be baptized by John the Baptist and to be anointed by the Holy Spirit for service at that time. He underwent testing by Satan and began His ministry, He taught, guided, comforted, preached healed others even saving some then He died for clamming to be who He was. Then He rose alive from the dead on the third day and came forth out of the grave. This resurrected Jesus was and is now the Messiah the Christ of God,...
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