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Reflection on Teacher Work Samples
Gilbert Baca
March 14, 2013
Karen Treibel

Reflection on Teacher Work Samples
The purpose of examining the validity of teacher work samples is to use this study to contribute to the entire body of work on TWS. It is very important to assess the teacher candidates on quality and preparation for the better of the entire program. Pressure from parents, the general public and politicians has created a need for more quality training of teacher candidates from the programs that prepare student teachers. The TWS is done in a specific format. First, a cover page must be completed to show ownership of the work, including the signature of the cooperating teacher to prove that the unit was taught in the classroom. Second, a table of contents needs to be provided that lists attachments and content. Next the teacher candidate must generate and provide charts and assessment graphs including student work to show your performance in accordance with TWS standards. Then the student teacher must write a narrative of a suggested length of 20 to 30 pages. The written narrative must be properly cited of you referred to someone else’s ideas. The TWS must remain anonymous and to do so please refrain from mentioning the student’s names, the name of the cooperating teacher or the name of the school on any part of the TWS. Teacher work samples can be helpful and constructive in the classroom as well. Creating a TWS helps employ a wide range of strategies that build on student’s individual needs and strengths. By performing these types of assessments, teacher candidates prove to be credible and possess the ability to facilitate learning in a classroom setting. By following the TWS standards, a teacher candidate will be extremely successful in executing lesson plans and entire units because the teacher reflects on his or her individual instruction and student learning to improve the teaching craft (Girod,2002).

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References: Girod, G. R. (Ed.). (2002). Connecting teaching and learning: A handbook for teacher educators on teacher work sample methodology. Washington, D.C.: AACTE Publications.
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