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Topics: Jesus, Christianity, Mary Pages: 4 (1148 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Christianity is a religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. In the last couple terms I have taken a few other religion classes. With taking these classes, I realized many of the preconceived notions I had about Christianity and its true meanings. When looking at myself, I sometimes do not live the way a Christian should. I was not brought going to church, or reading the Bible with my parents or family members. So as of today I have been changing, but not hold heartily given my heart completely to my God. My interaction with each of these courses has had a profound effect of how I would like to change by gaining more knowledge of the Bible and its teachings. My faith and beliefs have been challenged, not for the worse but actually for the better, which showed me how not to fall short of The Lord and his Glory. In this reflection paper, I hope to give insight on what I have learned, and also giving my personal opinions to each topic. My topics of discussion and reflection are first “Did Jesus need to be born of a Virgin? and “Does it matter how Christians liver their life?” -------------------------------------------------

Did Jesus need to be born of a Virgin?
A persons belief in the Bible, requires a belief in the Virgin Birth. The Bible teaches that God was supernaturally conceived in the womb of a virgin (Matthew 1:23). When Jesus came into the world, He was not a newly created individual such as we are, but was rather the Son of God. To be born into this world, to the Virgin Mary requiring divine intervention. “It was essential that Christ be born of a virgin because if Jesus was not born of a virgin, He would not be able to save Himself.” He would not be a sinless savior born into a world of sin. (The Virgin Birth of Christ, pg. 1)....
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