Reflection on Study

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Reflection On Study

Your life goals:

What are your overall goals (your hopes, dreams, and aspirations) for the next five years?

Minimum 50 words (No maximum)

|Student write answer here: | | | |I’m dreaming of completing a post-graduate degree after my bachelor’s degree and hoping I graduate my bachelor’s degree. That| |will be a five year span. I’ve even toyed with the idea of further my study more after that, but I tell myself to slow down, | |I need to pass my first degree first! Why all the study? I could say it’s because I’d like to get a well-paying job so that I| |can provide for my children, but that would only be part of the reason. I always want to make sure I’m in a job that I love. | |Not like. Love. I don’t think there’s anything worse than listening to someone who doesn’t like their job or career. I don’t | |want to be one of those people, because if I have to spend time away from my children, I want to be doing something I have | |passion for. | | |

Your university study goals:

Why are you studying?

What are your hopes/dreams for your university study?

Minimum 50 words (No maximum)

|Student write answer here: | | | |Since the moment I started school, I had always dreamed of going to university. I had an immense passion for learning and knowledge and | |wanted to stay in school for as long as I could, to learn as much as I could. I planned to become a specialist doctor of some sort, | |though had yet to decide in what field. Early on in high school, I realised that as much as I wanted that, it might not be possible, as | |I just was not strong enough in some of the core subjects. Despite the realisation, I still wanted to pursue university. So I tried | |finding something else I was passionate about, something I wanted to work towards. In that first year of high school, I discovered my | |fascination for the human mind, society and crime. I read everything I could get my hands on that had anything to do with crimes and | |murder and as morbid as that sounded at the time, it was what I found I had a real interest in. So that was the beginning of my career | |goal and studying at university. However, life got interesting and after I graduated high school university got put on hold. I gave | |birth to my first angel and suddenly schooling took a back path. I was young and overwhelmed by motherhood but managed to get through | |the next seven years with the love and support of my family through all the ups and downs and all the lemons life threw at me. In that | |time, I had thought about returning to study but felt it was not an achievable goal, because I had a young son. I felt obligated to stay| |home and devote my time between him and working a 9-5 job to support us so that I could give him the things a parent should be able to | |give their child. As time went on, I welcomed another angel into my life and it was when that happened, I told myself there was | |absolutely no way I could think about returning to study because how could I juggle everything and expect to succeed? Shouldn’t my focus| |be my children? All that time that had lapsed since high school, my brain felt as if it had turned into ‘mummy mush’. I no longer had | |the...
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